Urea caused by drinking salty water

Salty Water

Hambantota is an area in the dry zone of the south. Its aquatic environment is a great asset. What is the reason for that? What are the health problems that people have to face with water? Dr. Ms. Samindi Wijewardana, Medical Officer in charge of the Government Institutions at Lunugamwehera Government Hospital, was speaking there.

Water in these areas should be salinity. This is due to the subtleties of groundwater calcium, sodium chloride and water. Similarly, consumption of salted water in such a manner has resulted in people suffering from abusive conditions. Urinary calculi disease is very common among people in the area. What's happening in this condition?

When the calcium is added to the body, it can be placed as a solid or otherwise fragmented part of the calcium urinary route. They can be placed in the bladder or on the urinary route. Soaked urine is called urine. The urine can get into the urinary tract of the urine and somebody can get sick. In this way,

M. If it is less than 4, it is released with natural urine. But larger blocks of the stone can block bladder or urinary bladder. What are the symptoms? Urinary incontinence, urinating with blood, back pain, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain in the stomach area. In such a case, kidney stones can cause stones.

What should be done when the symptoms are diagnosed?

Then you should immediately contact a doctor and take medical care. In such a scenario, what kind of research is needed to identify the disease? Urine full report. It's more likely to identify the urine. In addition, X-ray tests can detect bones on the bladder or urinary tract.

In addition, the ultrasound KUB (Kidney Ureter Bladder) test can help detect kidney stones. But there may be occasions when the tests do not get caught. In such cases, an extra investigation will be directed to the test called the IVU. We have the ability to understand the findings of these trials. Those who have a condition like this should be referred for further treatment. What can be done to avoid this opportunity?
Clearly the day-to-day behavioral changes. Although people in such areas are not able to make major changes, drinking hot water is essential. It is important to raise the amount of drinking water to 3 to 4 liters of water per day. However, drinking too much water and drinking too much water is unsuitable. Excessive water intake can lead to calcium retention. Urine should be urgently needed when urine is released.

Does this disease have a more aging age?

It can even occur to a person aged 60 to 70 years. But those who are young have been identified. Excessive eating, drinking water, and drink of oxalate-containing beverages can be considered as special reasons.

Especially during these rainy years there are mud and salinity in these areas. Therefore, the message to the people living in such areas is to always bathe and boil. It's the best way to avoid such a disease.


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