Why the Rain Water?


the monsoon rains are a key factor in South Asia's economy and the lives of people. About 75 percent of the total rainfall in South Asia is due to the monsoon winds. Although Sri Lanka is a small island, it drops more than 1500 mm or more an amount of more than two thirds of the country's total land area. Except for Sri Lanka's arid zone, many areas are usually shaded in green, even in aerial photography. Accordingly, Lanka is indeed a fertile land with water.
65% of households in Sri Lanka supply water through any water supply system. The government is spending between Rs. 175,000 to Rs. 300,000 for supplying water to each family according to the data of the water board. The government spends a large amount of money on water supply projects and sometimes the government receives large amounts of water supply projects from the government. The cost of capital and maintenance costs is Rs.160 million, but the value of living is around Rs. 40 per liter. So you will find that water is worth more than the water table we are given in the bill.
The water is often supplied with water from rivers and streams. In some drought conditions, water companies have to limit water. In some seaweed areas, such as Matara, even piped water is hard-boiled. This is due to the sea water flowing towards pumping station pumps. In some troubled seasons, water supply systems are certainly at risk for such risks.

The importance of rainwater harvesting

There are many ways to keep water safe. It is one of the ways to collect water through irrigation, such as tanks, canals, and irrigation. Although it is not very common in Sri Lanka, it is also another way to store rainwater directly and store it. There are several advantages of adding rain water.
If you can clean the water more, you can use the water that has been stored for more than a week without further refining and can be directly used for drinking and cooking. Although with some initial cost, the maintenance costs are too low, and there is no extra cost for water. Irrigation methods of collecting water are difficult to implement individually. But the maintenance of rainwater collection tanks, cleaning, etc. alone makes it easy to supply water. If the correct methods are used, the water can be stored successfully even for 6 months without any loss of water.

Rain water storage and drinking

A few months after the drought season, when the water comes down, it is possible to leave the water in a tank for a short period of time. Also it is important to purify the roof several times a month if water is added. Rain water managers recommend that the water tank should also be cleaned down once a year.
When a rainy day comes, a nettle will be sent to a rainwater harvesting tank. After filling the tank, the supply should be disconnected and the tank should be well closed. You need to place the tanks in the water through a jar, and the top should be covered to prevent sunlight and small animals from entering above. Thus, the water that can not be entered into the sunlight or the animals will be stored for a long time. The World Health Organization (WHO) certification and the SLLS certification in Sri Lanka are important for determining whether water is suitable for drinking. After proper testing, rain water management professionals say that these criteria can be recommended for drinking oxygenated water according to these criteria.

Rain water and attitudes

Rainwater tanks were often built in the homes of some of the organizations, but people were reluctant to maintain and water them. Falling from the sky, the stored fresh water in the droughts is cleaner than the impure water found in long distances. There is also a great deal of extra water source for toilets or for other work when there is blockage of pipe borne water during severe drought periods. It is easy to collect paddy, vegetables, fruits, or home gardening, or control a small garden with water from the rain water tank.
At all times, the government or major organizations can not give us everything we need. Clean water supply too. A huge amount of rain during the year is no secret that we are drawn to the sea without any involvement. That is why people in certain parts of the country face the floods, and thereafter for some months in the drought.


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