Do you drink clean water?

Clean water

Advice to cut wells There should be no sewers in the vicinity of the well you need to get water. A well in the well was to be shaved 60 feet away from the toilets. If it's a sandy ground especially if the toilet and the well are between 100 ft. Water is a basic human need. Without water, no animal can live anywhere. When the proper water does not reach the body, man becomes dehydrated and dies. In addition, water is essential for bathing, cooking, washing the face, washing clothes, cleanliness, and the growth of plants and plants.

When presenting all these facts, water is the most powerful factor in the existence of life in the world, not only for humans, but for animals as well as for plants. Today, you are going to inform Aegyria about the Clean Purified Clean Drinking Content. We are informing about this by Colombo City Market and Additional Authorized Apparel Producer Gamini Rajanayake. The water we drink should be extremely clean. As the cause dies, water immediately sucks into the body. If we drank unclean water, we face a lot of health problems. Therefore, we must always remember that everyone should drink only pure water.

One factor is the pH of the water in the water to confirm the water's purity. The pH of the pure water should be between 6.5 and 8.5. Since our body's weight is 7, it should have a burning rate of the water we drink in the next few days. Clean water should always be brighter and free from any taste.

But the problem is whether we drink clean water or the issue. The water you drink may not be too clean. If you take a glass of water into your hands and sip it into the throat, it may be that if you take a bit of it, you may not be too careful not to consider it. But if it does not care about it, it is true that you are a sick person. Do you purify all the water that you drink, the water tap, the canal? Perhaps a wild animal has broken into the water of the well and may have corroded parts of the water. Wells can fall into the trees and fall into trees. The leaves of a poisonous plant can grow decayed and decay. But you may be unaware of this, and you may drink this water. What will be the ultimate result?

You are ill and unwanted. Vomiting, diarrhea, as well as many other ailments. To find out what the ailment is, go for medical doctors and carry out a number of medical research and spend a lot of money and eventually die. If you get water from a well, if your well water is decomposed or if there is a disease in it, then the infection will exist in your well water. In general, when testing water in the laboratory, it must have about 06 parts per million ammonia free ammonia. But if the animal parts are enlarged, the amount will increase. Then it can be concluded that the parts that have deteriorated in the wells are in the well.

IIf the stock of wells in the wells is, the value of the albonide ammonia is over 15 parts per million. The reason is that only normal 0.15 (mill. 1) albuminide ammonia should be available in clean water. 0.15 If you have more albumin then you should avoid drinking water immediately. If there is a doubt that a toilets will leak into a well. The amount of Nitrile Nitrate increases. This water is not suitable for drinking. The other factor is the quintessence. Drinking is more effective if the amount of cardiovascular system is greater.

Other harmful substances in the water are heavy metals. Metals in water must have some kind of composition. The more it is, the more harmful to the body. Investigations can be traced to heavy metals. Especially, there is a very slight composition of metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, which we consume. But if the amount goes up, it can damage our body's cells and kidneys. Especially there is a tendency to contract cancer and the nervous system. Another factor that is contaminated with water is blend of water. The microorganisms in the sludge (ecolai-salmonella, cedella, bacteria, etc.) can be mixed with drinking water, and diarrhea and vomiting may be the answer. What you need to do to get clean drinking water

If you are not particularly concerned about the places where water is provided for drinking, you are not feeling well. The well should be checked once a year. Even if the well water is clean and then environmentally unhygienic, the water may be unclean. Therefore, research should be carried out to find out if the water is clean, and if a germ is mixed in the water, it will be less cost than the amount of water to pay for the damage to the body. Drinking clean water is best suited to our body, the mind, and our pocket when things get worse, since our day-to-day life is also worsening. It is now known that those who live in the agricultural regions have kidney disease as a cause of heavy metals in the water. How the well of the well is dirty

We unwittingly unwind our wells. Water is dirty by falling animal falls, by birds by squirrels, by bats, fruits, dropping into the well, dropping into the well of the poisonous plant. Therefore, you should do your best to protect the well from the following steps. The well is protected from the wells, especially when covering with height. The advantage of covering the height is that all the molds around the well are destroyed by the world of wormwood. It is best to put a solid glass on the surface. The reason is that sunlight flows into the well, and the germs from the sun rays destroy the germs. Main points to be learned when building a well in a house

You should not have a waste stream near the well. A well in the well was to be shaved 60 feet away from the toilets. If it's a sandy ground especially if the toilet and the well are between 100 ft. If the 60 megawatts of 'Kabok Saddle' is reduced, it will not be reduced. If the cork is licked, it can also waste it. The factories nearby nearby water wells are not fit for planting. The reason is that the chemicals released by the factory could flow to the well. As well, sprayed insecticide sprayed as well as chemical fertilizers in the cultivated areas and dissolve in the soil and collect them with well water. Particularly heavy metals in various types of fertilizers can not be prevented from dissolving well with water. Then, the amount of nitrite nitrate increases in water.

That is why it is essential that the well is tied well. The flow of waste into the well is often avoided. The land area should also be tied with 2,3 feet. The reason is that the rats dig the soil and collect their urinal urine wells. Whether you drink drinking water from anywhere in the bowl or in a panic or from anywhere, you must decide if it is suitable for drinking. If you have a fragrance or a color in drinking water, you should do it immediately to test the water.

There are government and private laboratories that analyze the water in Sri Lanka. In particular, check out the legal status of the private laboratories and provide them with a sample of water and carefully examine the dirt, purification and contamination of your drinking water or whether they are mixed with carcasses of carcasses mixed with carcasses of dead poisoned plants. Clean your well and clean the fresh water. For your convenience, Government Analysts, ITI, University Laboratories, Ministry of Health Laboratories (Kurunegala, Kalutara, Anuradhapura etc.) can pay for the cleanliness of your drinking water, which is better for you when drinking water from a dirty water Because you can even be a deadly patient.


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