You did not know about bottled drinking water

bottled drinking water

water is free. Only the air of any of the world's freedoms is equal to air. But, in this way, water bottled at present is sold at Rs. 40 per bottle. This article discusses the bottled drinking water business that has created a number of physical and environmental problems.

The first bottled water was made in Boston, USA, in the 1760s. These bottles were introduced to the customers in massage centers.

World consumption of bottled drinking water is increasing by almost 50% every year.

Consumers who consume bottled water in America are more likely to consume much of its milk and beer than its consumption. Currently, Americans use about 12 billion gallons of water each year.

Tapes cost more than 1000% of the bottled water.

Popular bottles of drinking water have made a huge blow to companies that produce beverages such as Pepsi and Coca Cola. Therefore, they have introduced various strategies to recommend drinks instead of drinking water in hotels and restaurants.

dew-water-poison-hoax-1 The bottles of drinking water have been photographed in images of waterfalls in the forests. But tap water is about 50% of water in drinking bottled water.

Companies that produce Pepsi Aquatina, Nestle-pure life bottles in the US have been supplied with conventional water sources.

The State Department of Health has confirmed that the tap water we use is safe for drinking. Special programs for the removal of harmful bacteria, especially E coli, are used to clear the water. But many bottles do not guarantee such a carefree quality of drinking water. Tap water is actually safer than bottled water.

Around 90% of the world's population is afraid of being dirty. This is a major reason why they used to drink bottled drinking water.

The majority of people had chosen the best tapped water, using plenty of people when they asked what was the cleanest and most delicious water, adding tap water and bottled water to normal glasses.

The bottles used to bottle bottles are now causing a major environmental disaster. In America alone, only 30 billion plastic bottles are excluded each year. Only 10 more are recycled. Plastic bottles disposing of waste are capable of raining soil and river water for thousands of years. The eating of these soils and the fish in the water that is caught in plastic can become more and more cancerous.

About 20 million petroleum barrels are needed per year to produce plastic bottles of drinking water. This amount of oil is sufficient to run around 1,000,000 cars a year.

In the production of plastic bottles, a large pollution occurs. When a plastic bottle is produced, it will double the amount of water it will use to keep it in. Water-Should-I-Drink

By selling bottles of drinking water per year, the worldwide profits make US $ 100 billion.


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