Water is our Life, and Aquarich Water Shop is best place in Ranna town (Tissa - Kataragama Road and around) you can get most pure water. We use so many filtration systems to remove ALL junk we have in city water.

A good place that sells water that is Purified and their water tastes greatand it has minerals. Great place to get high quality water and the staff is friendly and helpful!

Aquarich is purified water that goes through a seven-step HydRO-7 filtration process that it claims takes out way more solids than other filtration methods, making for the purest water possible.

The best place to buy purified (1 l - Rs. 4/- cheaper price) and branded drinking water bottles if you are visiting Kataragama. ( in front of the Aruna Plant Nursery in Kahandamodara Junction)


No. 393,
Kahandamodara Junction
Tissa Road, Ranna.


0-723-723-888 | 047-222-7083


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