Bottled Water Sri Lanka

Drinking Mineral Water Bottle Price in Sri Lanka. 5L and 500ml water bottle price in sri lanka. Buy Bottled Water Online

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Buy Purified Water

The best place to buy purified (1 ltr - Rs. 4/-) and branded (Rainbow & Lalanka) drinking water bottles

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How Reverse Osmosis Works

Purified water is equally safer to drink as distilled water, and it is relatively cheaper compared to other brands.

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Why Aquarich Water ?

Aquarich water bottle is a good option for those concerned about water quality in Hambantota area and it is relatively cheaper compared to other brands.

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Why the Rain Water?

The monsoon rains are a key factor in South Asia's economy and the lives of people. About 75 percent of the total rainfall in South Asia is due to the monsoon winds. Although Sri Lanka is a small island, it drops more than 1500 mm or more an amount of more than two thirds of the country's total land area. Except for Sri Lanka's arid zone, many areas are usually shaded in green, even in aerial photography. Accordingly, Lanka is indeed a fertile land with water. 65% of households in Sri Lanka supply water through any water supply system. The government is spending between Rs. 175,000 to Rs. 300,000 for supplying water to each family according to the data of the water board. The government spends a large amount of money on water supply projects and sometimes the government receives large amounts of water supply projects from the government.

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Mumbai’s bottled water may cause cancer. This is not to cause panic, but only to caution consumers that a significant amount of what passes off as packaged water that comes in both bottles and bigger cans in India is not only impure but even harmful to health.

SLSI standard mandatory for Lankan water bottles from Sept 1. Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) under the direction of Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen will be enforcing plastic mineral water bottling standards.



The water cycle has no beginning or end. The sun, which drives the water cycle, heats the water of the ocean. Part of that water evaporates as water vapor. Ice and snow flow directly into water vapor. Upstream air streams carry water vapor and evaporate the steam (soils from the soil and plants) into the upper atmosphere.

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